Our Instructors


Dr. Nolan Duck

Dr. Nolan Duck is the founder and CEO of DBG Advisors in Richardson, Texas, which is an M&A Advisory and Business Brokerage Firm.


Bob Ross

Bob established  Alliance, Business Brokers Network  in 1992 with one of his associates in.  An additional company, Ross, Wendler, & Steen was formed to handle business valuation, with Bob as President. He gave final approval to over 6,000 valuation reports, with this firm. In late 1998, Bob sold his interest in both companies, and returned to active business brokerage. 


Ben Johnson

Ben's wealth of experience encompasses the areas of Analysis for Business Valuations, Business and Equipment Appraiser, Business Intermediary and Insurance and as an advanced market specialist.


Monty Walker

Monty W. Walker is a Certified Public Accountant with a diversity of experience in the private closely-held business arena. He is a sole practitioner with a practice focus of providing business transition planning and transaction advisory services to owners of privately held businesses. 



George A. Kurisky, Jr.

George Kurisky is a corporate transactional and business attorney with the law firm of Johnson DeLuca Kurisky & Gould, P.C.  His business background and training allow him to proactively identify business issues and problems, and eliminate risks.  


Jeff Jones

Serves as President of Advanced Business Brokers, Inc. He and his staff have been involved in the sale of over one thousand small and midsize businesses since 1976.


Bob Vinson

Bob has over 45 years’ experience in sales, marketing, technical sales, and product management. He is managing partner of Capital Advisory Group, an independent investment banking representative, and of Vinson and Vinson, a corporate growth advisory.


Bill Green

Bill Green is the founder of Green Appraisal in League City, Texas, a Business Valuation firm specializing in industry benchmarking.  He has 30+ years of experience in training and coaching in the Corporate and Franchise space, providing business owners and their brokers with unique insights into business‘s operations through understanding their financials. 

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Brittany Green

Brittany Green is one of the owners of Green Appraisal in League City, Texas, which is a Business Valuation firm specializing in industry benchmarking. Brittany is a Certified Financial Data Analyst, Certified Social Media Consultant and a Certified Business Analyst.