Key Steps for All First Time Buyers

Nov 27 2023
Are you a first-time business buyer? If so, it is critical that you work with a business broker or M&A advisor. If you’ve never purchased a business before, you simply can’t anticipate all that is involved in buying a busine...

How Can You Find the Ideal Buyer for Your Business?

Nov 16 2023
In the day-to-day routine of running your business, it is easy to forget that eventually the day will come when you need to sell. The last thing that any business owner wishes to discover is that they are ready to exit, but they are hopeles...

What Are the Financial Considerations of Seller Financing?

Nov 6 2023
Deciding how the purchase of a business should be structured is no small task. If you are planning to help finance the sale of your business, you’ll want to tackle this issue very early in the sale process. When it comes to small busi...

Prepare for Your Exit When You Launch Your Business

Oct 30 2023
You’ll often hear business brokers and M&A advisors say that the right time to prepare for your exit is when you first launch. By that they mean that it’s important to always be thinking about how to optimize your business s...

The Different Buyers You Might Encounter

Oct 16 2023
If you’re selling a business for the first time, you might have a preconceived notion of the type of buyer that’s most likely to purchase your business. However, the truth is that sellers often get competitive and attractive off...

The Complexities of Business Valuations

Oct 2 2023
Many buyers and sellers are not aware of the complexities that go into appraisals for businesses. To get the most accurate results, a business needs to be looked at from a variety of angles. When completing a business valuation, we look at ...

Why Do Sellers Often Face an Array of Surprises?

Sep 28 2023
Experts recommend that sellers prepare years before they plan to put their businesses up for sale, and there are many good reasons why they make this recommendation. A wide range of factors can interfere with the sale of a business, ranging...

The Main Reasons Why the Sale of Your Business Can Fall Through

Sep 18 2023
Selling any business can be complicated. Finding the right buyer is one hurdle that must be overcome. However, even once the right buyer has been found, there are still many reasons why a deal can collapse.

Help Buyers to Understand How You Excel

Sep 6 2023
No business is perfect, but when you are preparing your business to be sold, it is imperative that you lead with your strengths. That’s why it is important to work with a business broker or M&A advisor to identify, catalog and wor...

Take These Steps Before Buying a Business

Aug 29 2023
If you’re buying a business, you might be feeling overwhelmed about all the details that are involved, especially if it’s your first business. Buying a business is certainly no small task, and that’s why you’ll want ...

Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing a Business

Aug 15 2023
Truly understanding a business is much like understanding the condition of a car. It is necessary for a skilled mechanic to “pop the hood” to access the true condition of a car. In much the same way, you and your team of experts...

3 Tips for Mapping Out an Easy Retirement Transition

Aug 3 2023
Business owners are usually too busy running their business to deal with the fact that retirement will arrive one day. Ultimately, every business owner walks away from their business. The sooner you start preparing for that day, the better ...