Unlocking Business Potential with Strong Recurring Revenue

Jun 1 2024
Everyone loves recurring revenue and for good reason. When buyers see recurring revenue, they instantly know that a business is stable, has positive cash flow, and, importantly, has room for potential future growth. There is no way aroun...

Cultivating Success: The Impact of Business Brokers on Closing Rates

May 18 2024
Business brokers and M&A advisors consistently improve closing rates. There are many reasons why this is the case and, in this article, we’ll explore some of the top reasons why brokerage professionals get results.

Strategies for Maximizing Market Dominance: Key Steps to Boosting Business Value

May 4 2024
At some point, you will need to sell your business. When the time comes to put your business on the market, it is in your best interest if your business has a dominant position in the market. Potential buyers will be far less excited about ...

The Emotional Side of Selling Your Business

Apr 30 2024
It is easy to get lost in the numbers when it comes to selling your business, but it is important to remember that the numbers only tell one side of the story. Both buying and selling a business come with significant mental and emotional ra...

Why Should You Buy an Established Business?

Apr 20 2024
A pre-existing business is a proven commodity. A new business, regardless of how great your idea may be, will always have a future that is uncertain. You can hire many consultants and plan meticulously. Yet, even with the best ideas and mos...

What Should You Expect from Your Business Intermediary?

Apr 13 2024
Eventually every business owner needs to sell or think about who will take over their business when they retire. Working with an intermediary is an easy and streamlined way to jumpstart the process and learn what mistakes to avoid. A busine...

How to Save a Deal

Apr 3 2024
Few business owners truly understand the complex dynamics of making a deal. Having never participated in selling a business before, the majority of business owners are blissfully unaware of what it takes to turn the dream of selling a busin...

How Business Owners Can Leverage AI

Mar 23 2024
Artificial Intelligence has certainly received more than a bit of attention in the last two years. It’s no wonder that many business owners wonder how best to use this tool to gain an edge over the competition. Currently, the cost ...

Options for Family Owned Businesses

Mar 13 2024
If you own a family-owned business, you may feel as though there are more factors to consider when it’s time to sell. In this article, we’ll examine some of the best options that business owners can use. You’ll want to kee...

Understanding the Modern Buyer

Mar 9 2024
A key part of the American Dream is the notion of being financially independent and controlling one’s own fate. While times have changed, the idea of the American Dream is alive and well. Entrepreneurs have long realized that one of t...

The Top Four Reasons Why Deals Fall Apart

Mar 2 2024
It takes a lot of work to buy or sell a business. When a once promising deal is not successful, this can be due to a wide array of reasons. However, understanding the reasons why a deal can fall apart in advance can serve to dramatically in...

7 Important Questions to Ask Yourself When Selling a Business

Feb 14 2024
There is no denying the fact that for most people, the decision to buy or sell a business is one of the most important professional and financial decisions that they will ever make. Let’s turn our attention to some of the key question...