News from Houston

Dominick Caravella, III

The current membership of the Houston chapter stands at 50 members. Our next monthly meeting will be on Thursday, January 26 at the Palm Restaurant. Mr. Jesse Thompson, business economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Houston Office, will speak to us on "Oil Prices and the Current Impact on the Houston Economy."

I am very optimistic about 2017 -  not only for our business, but for affiliates as well. Our challenge will be to get more brokers involved and see the benefits of TABB. Another major challenge is for TABB to get business for our affiliates. It is shortsighted for us to expect our affiliates to renew their TABB membership without tangible results. I look forward to working with our TABB leadership and our general membership to accomplish these goals and others.

TABB Newsletter - TABB Newsletter - First Quarter 2017

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