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John Willems III

Calling all members and interested parties. TABB is looking for new course offerings which would be of interest and useful to our members. We are looking for either half day (four-hour) or full day (eight-hour), courses that may qualify for BCB certification, the continuing education BCB requirements, or generally courses that benefit new and seasoned members of TABB.

Our request is for our affiliate and regular members to develop courses that educate in a number of areas and disciplines. Courses regarding setting up a business brokerage practice, securing listings, negotiation techniques, overcoming objections, marketing the listing, controlling the process, handling the unruly buyer, seller, lawyer or other parties involved in the transaction, and any other area of business brokerage that may serve to educate the new or seasoned broker are needed. 

From affiliates, we need courses that address your disciplines as they relate to a business brokerage practice.  Rudimentary accounting courses for business brokerage are needed from CPAs. Valuation courses are needed from our valuation experts. Courses concerning the securing of conventional, SBA and other financings would be helpful from our banking affiliates. Courses about dealing with the various legal aspects of business brokerage are necessary for brokers to navigate the often-choppy waters of business sale transactions. Exit planning education courses would be helpful for brokers to understand and share with their clients. Generally, we need courses from affiliates that begin to educate a broker about your field and will hopefully lead to smoother transactions, less confusion in the process and possibly more referrals to you as a result of the course you put together.

It has been a long time since TABB originated courses exclusively for the benefit of its members and your board of directors has decided that the time is right to renew efforts to create fresh, new offerings for the benefit of members and affiliates alike. Please help us in this renewed effort.

The benefits of developing new courses are numerous. For brokers, they help to improve their practices, professionalism and client care. For affiliates, they help to educate your referral sources regarding your areas of expertise so that your transactions run more smoothly, or increase the likelihood of your being involved in a transaction. For instructors, they sharpen your skills and expose you to referral sources on a more professional and intimate level.

If you can’t see your way clear to developing a half day or full day course, you might want to think about a one-hour presentation that could be used as an educational vignette during a luncheon presentation or breakout session during one of our educational retreats or annual conventions. You will be surprised as to what the exposure, the course development and the teaching experience will do for you, really. 

Please help us in our renewed push to increase member benefits and help to improve the professionalism of our industry and service to our clients. After all, those goals are part of the stated purpose of our association. For more information, you can contact your local chapter president.
TABB Newsletter - TABB Newsletter 2017 Q1

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