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ALL of these courses fulfill requirements to become a TABB Board Certified Broker (BCB)

1. Legal Aspects of Business Brokerage  #1010    
JULY 9 Thursday  $195.  Instructor: John C. Willems, attorney.  Real estate & biz law.

A 4 hour course in understanding of the legal aspects and viewpoints of the attorney and the court to be better positioned to mitigate broker liability in addressing potential issues and have better conversations with buyer and seller attorneys. Provides a walk through on the issues and structure of documents typically seen in business brokerage transactions and to help you to manage the deal process to closing. 
2. Pricing Small Businesses and the Valuation Process  #1040 
AUGUST 6 Thursday      $200.   instructor: Ben Johnson,  
An 8 hour overview of the business valuation process for small or mid-sized businesses with a focus on the professional techniques used to price a business for sale. You will learn when to use different value approaches as a foundation to developing your business pricing skills.
3. Tax Issues of General Business Brokerage  #1020           
OCTOBER 8 Thursday.      $200.   Instructor: Monty Walker,   

Every financial decision in selling a business has a tax implication. An 8 hour course that looks at the differences in stock versus asset sales and the tax implications associated with each. Also covered are tangible and intangible assets including depreciation and amortization.  Some components of a business transaction receive ordinary tax treatment, some receive capital treatment and some are non-taxable. The information in this course is essential to understanding potential tax implications in a business transaction. 
4.  Introduction to Business Brokerage Boot Camp -  Two 8 hr days   16 credit hours for TREC #37261. and for TABB #1000. 
NOVEMBER 5 & 6, Thursday & Friday.     $395. Bob Ross,
Initial training to become a Business Broker taught by seasoned leaders in the profession. Learn about the role, value and ethics of the Business Broker in the process of finding sellers, preparing listings, finding qualified buyers, negotiations and closing sales. You will become knowledgeable in the skill levels associated with the various Business Broker Associations, certifications and specialties. 

5. Principles and Ethics of Business Brokerage  #1050
DECEMBER 3 - Thursday - New Date.   $200.  Instructor: Bill Bumstead,          
Topics in this 8 hour course include regulatory bodies that control and/or regulate activities of business brokers; canons of professional ethics and conduct; the twenty articles of the TABB Code of Ethics; trade associations that provide guidance; rules and regulations of business brokers and the 10 commandments for safe brokerage. 

TABB, Inc. – TREC Approved Provider #291
Courses in the 1000s fulfill required classes for BCB certification.
Courses in the 2000s, approved courses by IBBA, and approved courses by M&A source can fulfill the balance of BCB hours.